Health Canada acknowledges “troubling allegations” regarding approval of Roundup herbicide

Gil Shochat of the CBC has written about Health Canada reviewing hundreds of studies used during the approval process for glyphosate.
Health Canada says in light of “troubling allegations,” its scientists are reviewing hundreds of studies used during the approval process for glyphosate, the active ingredient in Canada’s most popular herbicide, Roundup.

These have never been publicly available AND its alleged that Monsanto basically wrote them. These should be made public regardless of Monsanto’s claim of “proprietary info”.
The maker of Roundup denies any hidden influence on studies used in approval process.
“Health Canada scientists are currently reviewing hundreds of studies to assess whether the information justifies a change to the original decision, or the use of a panel of experts not affiliated with Health Canada,” the health agency told CBC-Radio Canada.

But Sidney Ribaux, the head of Equiterre, isn’t satisfied. He says Health Canada should launch an independent review immediately and suspend use of glyphosate, which is commonly applied to corn, soy, wheat and oats, as well as chickpeas and other pulses.
“This does not in any way meet our demands. Health Canada approved a dangerous product based … on these studies.

So to summarize, it looks like Health Canada is going to “secretly” review the “secret” data that the public is not allowed to see a second time to see if there was potential skullduggery by a big corporation with billions of dollars at stake.  Uhh,  maybe this should be a little more open to scrutiny to avoid potential additional skullduggery?

Another big secret, kind of like the results of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s glyphosate in food level testing.  How does corporate requirements related to proprietary data continue to outweigh public safety?

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