Lets ensure there is “No reprieve for glyphosate”!

There is a new cooperator article about glyphosate titled “No reprieve for glyphosate” written by Robert Arnason.

Its got a couple factual errors in my opinion.

  • Breweries aren’t refusing to buy malt barley if it’s been sprayed with glyphosate before harvest because of “negative perceptions”. Canadian maltsters have told growers not to apply glyphosate to malt barley crops prior to harvest because residues can hurt germination, which is key to the malting process according to this 2016 cooperator’s article.
  • Oat millers are not telling growers not to apply the herbicide pre-harvest because of “negative perceptions”. Terry Tyson, Grain Millers procurement manager disagrees in this 2015 cooperators article.

Owen Roberts, director of research communications at Ontario’s University of Guelph  “isn’t convinced that average citizens are worried about glyphosate in their food“.  I would encourage you to reach out to Mr. Roberts on twitter to let him know if you are concerned about glyphosate and not some kind of radical activist.  Maybe he can be convinced!

And while we throw out meaningless opinions, I am not convinced that people without a financial interest are putting out messages that indicate that glyphosate is safe for humans.  I ask Owen Roberts, director of research communications at Ontario’s University of Guelph to disclose any potential conflicts of interest he has in his role at University of Guelph with manufacturers of glyphosate.  (Full disclosure: I make approximately $10 per year from ads on this site). 

And it might be fair to mention the potentially shady activities of glyphosate manufacturers regarding health and safety testing and regulatory approval in the article. Search twitter for the hashtag #MonsantoPapers to see information about “The use of third-party academics in the corporate defense of glyphosate reveals that this practice extends beyond the corruption of medicine and persists in spite of efforts to enforce transparency in industry manipulation.”  Hmmmm, where do we see this happening?

And unlike Mr. Roberts’ assertion that my family and I are “more anti-technology people than they are anti-glyphosate people”,  I am quite certain I am more pro-technology and technology knowledgeable than he is.

Mr. Roberts I encourage you to read this ecowatch article by Ken Roseboro where he interviews farmers from Manitoba and Saskatchewan about the preharvest application of glyphosate and what their thoughts on the residue are.

And I would be happy to put your rebuttal up here too if you have one.

UPDATE June 7 2018:  We have Mr. Roberts’ rebuttal.  Very presidential!:

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