June 2018 – Glyphosate in the news

The Guardian reports that on June 18 2018 a lawsuit kicks off that alleges that Monsanto hid that glyphosate causes cancer.

June 1 issue of Science Magazine published an article titled “Decision-making in a storm of discontent“. Seems like a fair assessment on the impact of glyphosate, largely focussing on how much we do not know.

June 5 2018 Ars Technica article titled “Glyphosate is safe, but some scientists still question how we regulate it

The headline and article do not consider that glyphosate was originally developed and patented as an antibiotic and its effect on our gut biome. It really just focuses on its potential cause of cancer. And it fails to differentiate between using glyphosate (tool for feeding the world!) and using it in a way that maximizes the residue in our food (PRE HARVEST APPLICATION!). There is a difference and its a disservice to not explain it in the article.

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