Quick rebuttal to vet with Monsanto provided information

A Veterinarian from Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Ted Dupmeier, blames livestock health problems on the glyphosate in their feed, according to this Western Producer article dated Oct 19 2017.  He believes the problem is that glyphosate acts as an antibiotic, for which it is patented, and kills off good bacteria in the gut. This is not the first veterinarian or scientist to make the claim about gut microbes.  Monsanto, which developed glyphosate, disputes several 2013 studies regarding each of these species.   Dr. Ted Dupmeier said he has no problems with the use of glyphosate, or with Monsanto, but he thinks more research is needed into how long animals can safely eat a certain amount.  He said the problem isn’t widespread because there is a tremendous difference in susceptibility. He finds young animals, swine and sheep most affected.

7 days later the Western Producer was able to publish an article about University of Saskatchewan toxicologist Dr. Barry Blakley saying it’s not likely that glyphosate residue in livestock feed is causing animals to become sick.  Blakley said: according to an American expert the ‘no effect’ level in livestock would be two million ppb, or 2,000 ppm.

“It was below the level of concern,” said Dr. Tina Wismer, medical director of the Animal Poison Control Centre in the U.S. in information provided by Monsanto.

Blakley’s US expert appears to be Wismer whose information was provided by Monsanto? Thanks for the info Monsanto!

Wismer’s best comment appears to be in a pet safety article where she says There hasn’t been much research to find out, and for the moment the answer is a frustrating, “We don’t really know.” 

Blakly points out the need for more research with his comment “I haven’t seen any controlled studies where they’ve put animals on oats straw or whatever that’s treated with Roundup and another that’s not treated with Roundup and then cultured the bugs to see what the differences are,” .  I agree its tough to “see” lots of potentially relevant studies at all!  I wonder why.

Blakley’s other point of contention is tough to take seriously without additional information:  “Glyphosate is an amino acid derivative and I can’t believe it’s going to disrupt too many gut micro flora.”  You CAN’T believe it can disrupt TOO MANY?  Do you believe it can disrupt some?  How many is “too many”?  Better just stick to your US expert info provided by Monsanto.

Sounds like everybody agrees that the only logical conclusion is that more research is needed and the best case Blakley can make is based on information provided by those who financially benefit from the sale of glyphosate.  And while the jury is out on the impact to other animals, maybe we should dig a little deeper on impacts to humans too.

Thanks for the articles Karen Briere!

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