Italian Farmers: “We Don’t Want Canadian Wheat with Glyphosate.”

CBC’s tease headline of “Canadian flour has the ingredient for perfect pasta, so why are Italians protesting against our wheat?” piqued my interest.
The tease links to an article titled “Italy’s farmers ‘demonizing’ Canadian wheat in bid to protect domestic industry“.

A group of farmers from across Italy have gathered at the Italian parliament in Rome to protest with chants and signs.
The CBC reports that the biggest and most ubiquitous sign reads:

“We Don’t Want Canadian Wheat with Glyphosate.”

Although CBC likens it to be a protectionist ploy by the Italian wheat farmers with the teasing headline, there appears to be a substantial health issue at stake.  Glyphosate is banned from usage on wheat by Italian health authorities.  Europe follows a precautionary principle, whereby anything that might cause harm to consumers is banned until proven safe.

Italian consumers are getting a little tired of taking it in the shorts.  Hopefully Canadian consumers wake up soon too.

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