More gluten consumption associated with a lower risk of heart disease

Interesting post on Gizmodo about a study from Andrew Chan from Harvard Medical School on health impacts of removing gluten from your diet.  I cant find the study itself, but found some similar ones over at Eureka Science News.

From the Gizmodo article:

  • more gluten consumption was associated with a lower risk of heart disease—possibly because people weren’t getting the benefits from eating whole grains.
  • “It raised the possibility that if you adhere long term to a gluten free diet, then you miss other essential nutrients and that might have a negative effect,” said Chan.
  • gluten free diets are unnecessary for those who don’t suffer from celiac disease or a non-celiac wheat sensitivity.


So if you think you have celiac disease or a non-celiac wheat sensitivity GET TESTED.  You may not want to eliminate gluten from your diet unless you get a positive result to a test.  Otherwise, maybe its just the glyphosate that’s got you down. Or rashy.  Or upset stomachy.  Or whatever else ails you.

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