Why not fruits and veggies? Aren’t they given the same pesticides? 

Why not fruits and veggies? Aren’t they given the same pesticides?
I am not worried about any other chemical than glyphosate (which is used as a herbicide or dessicant mostly).  It is the dessicant function that is really increasing food residue levels.
If you spray glyphosate on a plant, the plant dies. Unless its RoundupReady which means its been genetically modified not to die.
So no one is spraying glyphosate on strawberries, apples, berries, tomatoes, or fruit yet.
It is making its way to veggies where killing the plant may have advantages like potatoes. But its not that common yet. And there is a RoundupReady version of Corn and cotton and soybeans.  So they spray it and only the weeds die.  The cotton one is interesting because of tampons and pads.
And killing wheat/oats/barley before you harvest it makes harvesting easier (straight cut no swathing or drying).
I see no reason to avoid wheat/oats/barley (other than glyphosate).  Grains have been part of the human diet for millions of years.
And the advantages of fruits and veg are crazy high and current level of glyphosate is low.
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