Newborns and babies should read this

A summary of the potential issues to bring newborns and babies up to speed on glyphosate below.  (Might be useful info for pregnant women and parents too)

Why might it matter more for children?

This will be first generation of people to get a good dose of glyphosate from birth.

Children’s brains are obviously developing.

Brain development is being linked to gut biome health (or breastfeeding mother gut biome health).  This is pretty established and a quick google search will give you lots to read on the topic.  The theory is that the diversity of the gut bugs is reduced.  (Did you know glyphosate was originally patented as an antibiotic?) The waste product of the remaining gut bugs is largely toxic to us and the brain growth is supposed to be fuelled by whats happening in the digestive tract.  David Suzuki and the Nature of Things, had a good episode on gut biome research available to view at the CBC website.

Glyphosate is being linked to gut biome health.  This is newer.

Related topics might be: Celiac, perceived gluten intolerance, autism, parkinsons, liver disease, cancer.

Where is the glyphosate?

Wheat and oats and barley are just about all you need to watch. P.S. What do you think Cheerios are made from? Granola bars are also iffy.

Its in 30% of baby food/cereal according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, but they wont tell us which ones.  I am going to guess that its either grain based ones or pulse crop based ones.

If you bake, organic wheat flour is probably a good investment. It is a little expensive in small bags at the grocery store, but I buy organic Prairie Flour Mills flour made in Elie MB in $40 big bags from Tall Grass Prairie bakery.  (Their awesome cinnamon buns and bread are made with it). Its the same flour used by Burrito Splendido restaurants but the Half Pints beers they serve there sometimes use barley malt from USA which allows glyphosate.  But most big name Canadian beer is ok! (Farmery and Fort Garry are also ok!). Are there any baking beer drinking babies out there?

Corn sugar (aka all processed sugar in candy, pop, etc) might be bad too, but glyphosate might be the least of your worries with these things.  Honey from agricultural areas probably has glyphosate.

I’m not too sure about pulse yet.  Canadian soy, beans, lentils, chickpeas, garbonzo beans, etc.  are not looking good though according to Tony’s book analyzing CFIA test results.

Not too much to worry about in fruits or veg. Except wine though (even some organic wines!)

Not too much has been tested meat wise yet.  For sure we are feeding cows, pigs and chickens grain with glyphosate, but I am thinking that the problems that it causes them is not directly transferrable to the flesh we eat.  I hope.

What else should I do?

Join the facebook group to stay up to date.

Move to Europe or Asia or Russia.

One thing you can do to help avoid glyphosate in your food

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