Punishment for Poisoning our Food?

So now we know that food in Canada was tested by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for glyphosate and the result is:

  • lots of food has glyphosate in it.  Yum.
  • Some food tested has amounts that exceed the MRL (Maximum Residue Limits) set by Health Canada for food safety. Yum.

So, what exactly did the CFIA do to the food manufacturers who are testing higher than the MRL?

In their words:

If the level found in a food sample was higher than the MRL, the information was reviewed and the appropriate follow up was taken, this may have included notifying the manufacturer or importer, requesting corrective action, conducting further directed sampling, or product recall.

I didn’t see any glyphosate food recalls, did you?  Does this agency intend to show some appropriate transparency to the Canadian people?  WHAT ACTIONS WERE TAKEN TO PROTECT CANADIANS?  Which food makers are playing fast and loose with these safety issues?

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