Leak! CFIA Glyphosate testing report

The report “Safeguarding with Science: Glyphosate Testing in 2015-2016” authored by the Food Safety Science Directorate of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has leaked.  Its a 5 page pdf that was emailed to US-RTK (Right to Know).  It has been reported on by the Western Producer and Carey Gillam at the Huffington Post.  These sites report that the authenticity was confirmed with the CFIA.  The Western Producer even makes the report available to download yourself!  Nice work.
The report highlights (?):
  • 82 samples of infant cereal tested and 31.7% of samples contained glyphosate.
    127 samples of infant food tested and 30.7% of samples contained glyphosate.
  • 869 samples of grain products were tested via targetted surveys and 36.6% of samples contained glyphosate.


Good news:  Most of the samples did not exceed Canada’s residue limits for safety!

Bad News:  Canada’s residue limits are higher than Europe and Asia.

Worse News: The science behind Canada’s residue limits are not publicly accessible.  Health Canada relied on proprietary manufacturer data to set the limits.  They are likely set too high.

Worst News:  Some foods exceeded our laffable, undefendable, profit motivated, residue limits!  “Most samples found with levels of residues exceeding Canadian limits were predominantly associated with grain products.”

The Best News:  Someone at the CFIA leaked this important data to the public.  They have done a public service and they should be PROUD of themselves.  I hope they are leaking in a responsible manner to protect their identity and if they would like any assistance or advice on that topic, I would like them to know that I am in the business of that.

UPDATE:  The report was officially published.  I like CBC’s article on the report. I do wish the CBC would have explained why residue amounts have increased so much in last 10-15 years. Its not GMOs. Its not the traditional use of glyphosate as a weed herbicide. Its the preharvest application.

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