CFIA not publishing glyphosate details, cites confidentiality ?!?

Hoping to learn something about which foods have levels of glyphosate that exceed our arbitrary and likely too high maximum residue levels?

Waiting for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency report to finally give us the info we have been waiting for?

Keep on waiting…  Because the Western Producer is reporting that the report will exclude details.  Why?  For “confidentiality reasons”!  Obviously the big agri-dollar profits trump the consumer/taxpayer right to know.

Mind you, it almost makes sense.  If they were to publish that a certain Canadian grain product greatly exceeded the allowable glyphosate residue limits and represented a health risk, that would likely impact the profits of a very large company.  A very large company with lots of highly paid litigious lawyers.  And we all know that these guys are running the show.  Thanks CFIA for working so hard to protect our food supply!

If you guys can’t stand up to these organizations, what hope do we have?  Grow a backbone!

Ask your MP to ask the Minister of Health about this!  The email address of your MP is here.

At the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), the safety of Canada’s food supply is central to everything we do. That’s why the CFIA works from the farm gate to the consumer’s plate to protect public health. We safeguard not just the food supply, but also the plants and animals upon which safe and high-quality food depends.

Excerpt from the Western Producer below:

However, when the agency releases its testing results, sometime in the next two months, the report will not contain detailed data on glyphosate residues in food.

The CFIA spokesperson said the agency is not publishing certain details for confidentiality reasons.

“Information about individual companies and products are not included in the reports because the relationships between distributors and manufacturers of specific products may be confidential business information.”

An executive summary of the CFIA report on glyphosate residues will be released on its website, sometime this spring, through a Food Safety Testing Bulletin

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