International customers protected from Canadian glyphosate

This is an interesting article in the Manitoba Co-operator about the Canadian Grain Commission testing for glyphosate for export markets, “especially the high value Asian markets”.  It emphasizes the vigilance required to satisfy our international grain customers.

As far as I can tell, no one is testing the food in the domestic food chain.  As a Canadian food product consumer, I wish someone would issue me a “statement of assurance”.

“The statements of assurance we issue satisfy most international markets that the MRLs (maximum residue levels) we are finding fall within the guidelines that have been set,” 

At least we can enjoy a beer (unless its your local microbrewer who may not be buying malt from the big maltsters who won’t accept preharvest applied glyphosate product).

“Canadian maltsters have told growers not to apply glyphosate to malt barley crops prior to harvest because residues can hurt germination, which is key to the malting process. They’ve also said the move will avoid residues in beer.”

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