Tony’s book is available!

Tony Mitra’s analysis of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency glyphosate test results is now available in e-book!

It is provocatively titled:  POISON FOODS OF NORTH AMERICA: Guide to navigating the glyphosate mine field in our food web 

He pulls no punches and includes a rant about the over cautious use of the words TOXIC and POSION to describe glyphosate.

According to Tony:  “This book is for those people who do not look for continued debate on safety levels of glyphosate, and have already decided that glyphosate is an undesirable chemical to be in their food, and merely wish to have a tool with which they could try and avoid eating foods that have high glyphosate content.”

And if you like wacky graphics (wood grained bar charts!) you will like this book.  I am buying the book just to support Tony so he will keep up his anti-glyphosate tirade and pressuring government!  Go Tony!

The link to buy it on Amazon is here.  Get a copy before a large global agri-company gets it pulled down!


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