One thing you can do to help avoid glyphosate in your food

One thing you can do easily do to help avoid glyphosate in your food, is to help raise awareness of #glyphosateinfood among food buyers.

Next time you are out:

  • ask your waiter if the bread or pasta has glyphosate (roundup) in it.
  • ask your local microbrewer if their malt barley has glyphosate on it.

They likely wont know, but they might ask their manager or supplier.

This will help raise awareness among foodbuyers about the increased glyphosate residues found on all grains due to the practice of applying roundup right before harvest.

It will also help let them know that their customers want to know, so maybe they should find out. Consumer pressure can hurt the pocketbooks of those who apply glyphosate preharvest (and those who feed it to us without a clue).

And to reinforce that you are not a total nut, just tell them you are allergic to RoundUp and you aren’t particularly bothered if its not 100% organic or non-GMO.

You just want the same kind of bread/beer/pasta that people used to eat 15 short years ago before glyphosate was applied right before harvest.

Back when flour did not contain glyphosate residue.  Most folk I know, already know that glyphosate (or at least Roundup) kills plants.  But few know that we are eating those plants now.

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