European Commission petition to ban glyphosate coming soon

The European Commission has decided to register a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) (aka a petition!) inviting the Commission “to propose to Member States a ban on glyphosate, to reform the pesticide approval procedure, and to set EU-wide mandatory reduction targets for pesticide use”.

The initiative will be available January 25 to start a one-year process of collection of signatures in support of the proposal by its organisers.  Obviously a total ban should be effective at reducing the amount of glyphosate in food, but will be fought vigorously due to its total ban.

To be able to sign up to a European citizens’ initiative you need to be an EU citizen (national of a member state) old enough to vote in European Parliament elections.  The petition organizers will be responsible for the mechanism of validation.

Look for the ban glyphosate European Citizens Initiative (aka petition) here after January 25 2017:

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