Tony Mitra’s petition at to pressure local governments to begin testing food for glyphosate

Consider signing Tony Mitra’s petition at to pressure local governments to begin testing food for glyphosate.

This is an excerpt from the petition summary:

The governments, both in the US and Canada, we have unofficially learned, have started testing our food on the quiet, for levels of contamination by glyphosate. But for reasons best known to them, Government officials are not talking about it, nor are the Governments disclosing the results of these tests to the public.

It is therefore the right time, we feel, to start a grassroots people’s movement, from the bottom up, to lean on our Governments, and to coax them to start testing food for glyphosate – for the people, and to make the results public. No ifs and buts.

This is not about endlessly debating if glyphosate is safe to be in our food. This is about people’s right to know how much of it is in which kinds of food and to deal with the information the way they see fit.

So far, the only block that appears to lean on our Government successfully is the corporate lobby. It is time the people entered the scene and make the playing field even.

This petition is to not only to demand that different levels of our government start engaging in testing our food for the people, but also in learning how to start grassroots movements to take back control of our food web, food safety and food security.


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  • Mariola Holst

    I would like our food to be tested for glyphosate by all levels of government.
    Safety must come first.

  • nancy strong

    Why can’t we ban glyphosate ,EPA surely knows it’s hazoudous to our health

    • Ed

      We can’t (yet) ban glyphosate because:
      – it saves farmers money and allows them to produce more food
      – the evidence linking it to harmful human effects is still not definitive enough for regulators. Especially when those benefitting financially from its production further muddy the waters.

      The preharvest application of glyphosate for dessication-like purposes leaves higher residue levels in our food than other glyphosate applications and needs greater scrutiny.
      I think the next steps are:
      – reduce the allowable amount of glyphosate in our food
      – pressure regulators to increase the measurement of residue levels in food so we know the limits are being adhered to. Your food is not being tested (unless you are drinking Canadian beer!).
      – continue all of the research that tests the effects of glyphosate (and its co-ingredients and byproducts) in our food.