Winnipeg Free Press, July 30 Article on page B9: On gluten and GMOs

on-gluten-and-gmos-winnipeg-free-press-july-2016The writer informs us that people’s recent increase of health reactions to wheat products is not due to new wheat varieties, not GMOs, not a change in gluten levels, and not due to changes in the genetic makeup of wheat itself. So what is the cause of the increased incidences of obesity, diabetes, or other health conditions?
Some have linked increased use of the herbicide glyphosate to rising levels of gluten intolerance and a host of other health issues, but the evidence supporting this is largely anecdotal.”
“(BioMed Central) list multiple concerns with increased exposures, but gluten intolerance isn’t one of them”
Noone is trying to link use of glyphosate to gluten intolerance. Of course, glyphosate can not be linked to rising levels of gluten intolerance. That does not make sense. But what is a Canadian consumer to think when they can causally link the consumption of wheat products to digestive issues, diarrhea, and skin rashes? Not everyone is aware that “worldwide use of glyphosate has increased 100-fold” in the last two decades.
Perhaps the writer meant to say “perceived gluten intolerance”? I encourage readers who believe they may be gluten intolerant to try the gluten rich organic (glyphosate free!) flours made in Manitoba to see if it truly is the gluten that is causing their digestive upset and skin rashes. A cinnamon bun from the Tall Grass bakery at the forks is full of gluten and made from this organic flour. It’s a delicious way to self test for gluten intolerance with a glyphosate free product. Among my family and friends, we find that gluten was not the cause of the woes.


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